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Results, not just better processes

When you talk to Oliver Wight about improving your business, we’ll assume you want results, not just better processes - things like increased revenues and margins and greater market share. If you have the ambition, it is possible to make improvements that truly transform the performance of your organization and create more fulfilling roles for the people within it. We believe this can only be delivered by your own people. So, unlike other consultancy firms, we transfer our knowledge to you; knowledge that comes from nearly 50 years of working with some of the world’s best-known companies. 

A reputation for innovation

Oliver Wight has a long-standing reputation for innovation and we continually challenge the industry status quo, so you always get the latest in new thinking. Your Oliver Wight partners will use their real-world experience to ensure your people, business processes and technology are fully aligned and integrated right across your organization. They will coach, guide and inspire your people to drive change throughout your organization, allowing you to create a culture of continuous improvement and innovation that simply becomes for you ‘the way we do things around here’. It’s a proven, sustainable approach that will deliver results straight to the bottom line.

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why planning control towers are key to a successful supply chain blog graphic
01 Jul 2019

Why Planning Control Towers are Key to a Successful Supply Chain

End-to-end optimisation is essential for a slick supply chain and in this blog, we reveal why and how Planning Control Towers can transform your supply chain.

FC Company Integrated Business Planning (IBP) journey – Part 4
18 Jun 2019

FC Company Integrated Business Planning (IBP) journey – Part 4

By Liam Harrington & Anne Marie Kilkenny, Associates at Oliver Wight

Liam and I were just reflecting on the Integrated Business Planning design workshops that we conducted for the FC Company over the last 6 weeks. It has been pretty intense and so many things have happened it’s quite hard to pick the highlights, but we’ll

How to Convince Your Colleagues that Integrated Business Planning is Best for Your Business
11 Jun 2019

How to Convince Your Colleagues that Integrated Business Planning is Best for Your Business

So, you’re sold on the idea of Integrated Business Planning and want to make a case for change, but you’re sensing hesitation from your colleagues in Product, Sales, Marketing and Finance functions. Maybe they don’t fully understand what IBP is or the hug

29 May 2019

Why Supply Chain Needs a Seat at the Table

Oliver Wight Partners, Birgit Breitschuh and Liam Harrington, reveal why and how organisations can start reimagining their supply chains to maintain their competitive edge in today's volatile marketplace.

02 May 2019

FC Company Integrated Business Planning (IBP) journey – Part 3

By Liam Harrington & Anne Marie Kilkenny, Associates at Oliver Wight

If you read the last blog you’ll know that we hit a bit of a delay while the Integrated Business Planning design teams were finalised.

Paul Ducie's meet the team graphic
30 Apr 2019

Meet the Team - Paul Ducie

We get to know Oliver Wight Partner, Paul Ducie, as he offers an insight on what makes him tick!

Brexit retail blog graphic
11 Apr 2019

Brexit; Retail, are you ready?

Oliver Wight Partner, Debbie Bowen-Heaton, shares her insights on the challenges facing the retail sector as the Brexit countdown continues...

In The Press
Open Access Government article on Chemical Industry & Big Data written by Mike Snape
03 Apr 2019

The Chemical Industry & Big Data

Open Access Government

Oliver Wight Partner, Mike Snape, has been featured in the April Issue of Open Access Government.

28 Mar 2019

Minimizing Chaos With Demand Control and Execution

It is probably safe to say we all have lived through a bit of chaos at times, where we feel things are out of control and fires are popping up everywhere. If we think about how this applies to Demand Execution, we see executives getting involved.

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