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The journey to excellence is never ending. It encompasses every part and every process in your company. The will to sustain such a journey depends on visible results delivered continually to all your stakeholders. For this reason, the journey begins with short projects that produce results quickly and grows into a longer business improvement program that assures success in the future.

How do you measure your progress? The Oliver Wight Business Maturity Map enables you to understand the maturity of your business and the projects within your business improvement program that will deliver the best real gain now. This is addressed in Oliver Wight education, which is arranged both publicly and privately in all parts of the world.


Is the journey worth the effort? Only the excellent companies consistently win in business, and the standard of excellence is raised every day as customers expect more value and shareholders expect more return. An excellence program unites your people, your customers and your suppliers by engaging them in a common set of goals and achieves a pace of change to outperform competition and differentiate your company in the marketplace.

Our new Seventh Edition Class A Standard excellence standard will be more demanding upon companies and may require a longer period of improvement. These higher standards reflect the realities of today’s increasingly competitive markets. While the journey may be long, the rewards arrive relatively quickly. You can expect that each project within your business improvement program will offer significant and sustainable benefits with rapid payback to your business.