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A successful Business Improvement Program must be structured to deliver rewards for your customers and shareholders. We provide two levels of recognition of your success:

Class A Business Excellence – Class A Certification is awarded when an entire business meets the requirements of all chapters of the Standard .

Class A Recognition Award – The achievement of pre-determined projects and milestones in your business improvement program are recognized when they deliver their planned business gains on the journey to Class A Business Excellence.


What defines success? Your goal is balanced, 'upper-quartile' performance of companies in your sector or marketplace. This is an easily measured, readily understood target that demonstrates excellence to all your stakeholders.

How do we help you succeed? Our certification approach builds upon the vast knowledge and experience of Oliver Wight associates around the world, working with thousands of clients to improve practices and processes, to define minimum standards of excellence. Whether your business is in a sector that is relatively undemanding, or you are in a very demanding sector that requires you to operate in advance of these standards to win, the foundations of excellence are the same, and they are the prerequisite to achieving higher performance.

Our new Seventh Edition Class A Standard excellence standard will be more demanding upon companies and may require a longer period of improvement. These higher standards reflect the realities of today’s increasingly competitive markets. While the journey may be long, the rewards arrive relatively quickly. You can expect that each project within your business improvement program will offer significant and sustainable benefits with rapid payback to your business.